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Rug Care

Rug Care

Taking care of your area rug will help to extend its life and keep it looking new and fresh for as long as possible.

  • Most rugs can be vacuumed, with the exception of natural fiber rugs such as cotton, Jute, or Silk. Outdoor rugs should be washed with water.
  • If your rug can be vacuumed, use the lowest setting to prevent fibers from being pulled from the rug’s backing.
  • Avoid pulling out fibers that appear from the top of the rug. Instead, take a scissor and cut them as close to the surface as possible.
  • Vacuum underneath your rug from time to time, especially if you own a natural fiber rug.
  • Immediately clean up spills by blotting the area with a white cloth and avoid rubbing, which may push a stain deeper into the rug.
  • Rotate your rug regularly to make sure wear and tear is even.
  • Do your best to avoid exposing your rugs to continuous and direct sunlight as this will cause the rug’s colors to fade over time.
  • If your rug is in need of a deep cleaning, we recommend a professional cleaning service. Always check with your dry cleaner to ensure harsh chemicals are not used.

It is best to clean spills from your rug as soon as they happen in order to avoid any staining or permanent rug damage. Use a clean, white cloth, and avoid rubbing the stain so you do not allow it to sink in more deeply. For a deeper clean a professional cleaning service is your best bet.

If you are going to store your rug for any length of time it is recommended that you ROLL the rug (do not fold because this can cause creases), wrap it in plastic with moth flakes, then seal the package with tape. Poke a couple of holes in the plastic to allow the rug to breathe.

Rotating the rug 180 degrees every 6 months will ensure that the rug wears evenly.

All textiles will fade when exposed to sunlight as well as natural ozone in the air. If your rug is in direct contact with sunlight, its color may become more muted over time. If the rug is partially covered by furniture, you may notice that the exposed portions of the rug have changed color. This is a normal occurrence. We recommend that you keep the shades drawn during the time of day when the rug is exposed to direct sunlight.

rugs that come folded may have some wrinkles when they are first unwrapped. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal. Start enjoying your new rug and they will disappear within a couple of days.