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Living Room

Start with the length of your sofa

Allow around 18 inches of space between your sofa and coffee table.
Always be sure to size up; a larger rug makes a room feel open and less cluttered.

Then choose the rug size that fits your style:

All legs off

Half on

All legs on (Our recommendation)

All Legs Off
Half On
All Legs On


Choose the rug size that fits your style

⅓ of bed is on rug.

⅔ of bed is on rug; Nightstands are off.

Beds + Nightstands are on rug

Flank your bed with two smaller rugs. 

(Be sure to leave 8-10 inches of breathing room between your rug and your nightstand)

Dining Room

Measure your table

Add at least 2’ on all sides so guests can pull back chairs without tripping over the edge of the rug.


In a long style kitchen or one with an island, opt for a runner rug for depth and perspective. 

For an L-shaped kitchen, chose a smaller 3’ x 5‘ or 5’ x 8’ rug


Add visual interest and perspective to a hallway with a long runner. 

When measuring, allow no more than 5 inches and no less than 3 inches from the walls.